Current Roster



Uzma Z. Rizvi


Maria Sieira

Financial Officer

Nancy Smith

Information Officer


Jason Vigneri-Beane

Outreach Officer

Amy Ballmer



The Senate represents faculty, chairs and assistant chairs, and teaching staff at the Institute. Each constituent is represented by one departmental senator and one or more at-large senators for their category (full-time faculty, part-time faculty, chairs category, or staff who teach). Large departments have one additional departmental senator. In addition to voting senators, there are non-voting members of the Senate selected by the President, Provost’s Council, and student government.

Senators and alternates are elected every three years according to procedures described in Bylaws III.B.i and VI.A. Vacancies are filled according to procedures in Bylaw VI.B.i.

Senators are responsible for:

  • soliciting the opinions of their constituents on matters affecting education and governance;
  • informing their constituents of significant events, dates, and deadlines announced by the Senate, and of its actions;
  • attending Senate meetings at which they have a vote or, if unable to attend, request that their alternate(s) attend; and
  • serving routinely on Senate committees.

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Departmental Senators

Art & Design EducationKatherine Huala (Full-Time Faculty)Tara Kopp
Associate Degree ProgramsDeborah Caponera (Full-Time Faculty)Einat Lahat-Blum (Part-Time Faculty)
Construction/Facilities ManagementKent Hikida (Full-Time Faculty)
Continuing & Professional StudiesRhonda Schaller (Staff Who Teach)Joelle Danant (Staff Who Teach)
Creative Arts TherapyTed Ehrhardt (Part-Time Faculty)
Design/Arts & Cultural ManagementChris Shrum (Full-Time Faculty)
Digital ArtsMichael Enright (Full-Time Faculty)David Haines (Part-Time Faculty)
Fashion DesignGabby (Gabriela) Galvan (Part-Time Faculty)
Film & VideoJim Finn (Full-Time Faculty)
Fine ArtsFay Ku (Part-Time Faculty)Carlos Motta (Full-Time Faculty)
Foundation Art & DesignTodd Ayoung (Part-Time Faculty)
Sean Sullivan (Part-Time Faculty)
Andrea Merkx (Part-Time Faculty)
Graduate Architecture & Urban DesignOlivia Vien (Part-Time Faculty)
Stephanie Bayard (Full-Time Faculty)
Graduate Center for PlanningDavid Burney Vicki Weiner (Part-Time Faculty)
Graduate Communications/Package DesignJoseph Burwell(Part-Time Faculty)Anton Ginzburg (Part-Time Faculty)
History of Art & DesignWilliam Bracken (Part-Time Faculty)Mary Edwards (Part-Time Faculty)
Humanities & Media StudiesSaul Anton (Part-Time Faculty)
Dominica Giglio (Part-Time Faculty)
Industrial DesignMatte NybergAmanda Huynh (Full-Time Faculty)
Interior DesignCaleb Crawford (Part-Time Faculty)
Alexandra Goldberg (Part-Time Faculty)
Brendan Moran (Part-Time Faculty)
LibraryMissy Brown (Full-Time Faculty)Cristina Fontánez Rodriguez
Mathematics & ScienceCharles Rubenstein (Full-Time Faculty)Dan Wright (Full-Time Faculty)
PhotographySara Greenberger Rafferty (Full-Time Faculty)Stephen Hilger (Full-Time Faculty)
School of InformationNancy Smith (Full-Time Faculty)Pamela Pavliscak (Part-Time Faculty)
Social Science & Cultural StudiesKumru Toktamis (Full-Time Faculty)Martin Dege (Full-Time Faculty)
Undergraduate ArchitectureTulay Atak (Part-Time Faculty)
Jason Vigneri-Beane (Full-Time Faculty)
Lori Gibbs (Part-Time Faculty)
Marlon Davis (Part-Time Faculty)
Undergraduate Communications DesignSebastian Kaupert (Part-Time Faculty)
WritingPareesa Pourian (Part-Time Faculty)Alysia Slocum Laferriere (Part-Time Faculty)

At-Large Senators

Full-Time Faculty 
  • Erika Hinrichs (Undergraduate Architecture Design, School of Architecture)
  • Debera Johnson (Industrial Design, School of Design)
  • Juan Jofre Lora (Foundation Art & Design)
  • Heather Lewis (School of Art)
  • Erica Morawski (SLAS, History of Art & Design, School of Design)
  • Jonathan Scelsa (Undergraduate Architecture, School of Architecture)
  • Peter De Staebler (SLAS, History of Art and Design)
Part-Time Faculty
  • Scott Santoro (Undergraduate Communications Design, School of Design)
  • Maria Sieira (Graduate Architecture & Urban Design, School of Architecture)
Chairs Category
  • David Foley (Interior Design)
  • Yasi Ghanbari (Foundation)
  • Evan Neely (History of Art & Design)
  • Dina Weiss (Fine Arts)
  • Farzam Yazdanseta (Undergraduate Architecture, School of Architecture)
  • Tania Branquinho
  • David Kim
Staff Who Teach
  • Carolyn Shafer (Grad Center for Planning, School of Architecture)
Senate President
  • Uzma Z. Rizvi (Full-Time Faculty, Social Science & Cultural Studies)

Non-Voting Members

Bylaw II.B.ii provides for non-voting members who serve one-year terms.

Office of the PresidentNicole Haas, Chief of Staff
Office of the ProvostRuss Abell, Director of Libraries
Student GovernmentWalker Meyn, Chair of Academics on SGA
Committee chairs who are not voting members of the SenateNicholas Dease, ICC Chair
Irene Lopatovska, FDF Chair
Saul Anton, RRA Chair
Dean Sideaway, DTA Chair
Staff CouncilChris Ruggieri, President of Staff Council and Assistant Director of Residential Life
SGALeo Kim


For updated committee rosters, please see the following pages: