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Past Forum discussions have addressed the following topics:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Rapid prototyping of solutions
  • The Idea Lab
  • Nude models at art colleges
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Industry contracts at colleges
  • Research
  • Revolutions in design and making
  • Technological literacy
  • All of MIT’s course material is online
  • Computation and the arts
  • Contemporary art
  • Theory in academia
  • Writing in colleges
  • Online learning
  • Grade inflation
  • The resolution of Zeno’s paradoxes
  • Robotics
  • AI and consciousness
  • Role of chairs at Pratt
  • Biomimicry – Art and Science
  • Comics
  • Diversity
  • Faculty Union elections
  • What students should know
  • Faculty Union contract “memorandum of understanding”
  • Teaching assistants at Pratt
  • Bioluminescence

Listserv Guidelines

First posted December 2002; amended and ratified by the Academic Senate, November 2003

List participants are expected to express themselves with sensitivity and consideration for others. The list administrator therefore reserves the right to take whatever actions are deemed necessary and prudent to maintain a free and lively forum.

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  6. Be polite. Without the visual and audio clues of speech, if your words could be taken the wrong way, they will be. Be clear and civil, and remember that irony and sarcasm really don’t carry over well with plain text.
  7. Try to stay on topic. Keep your messages short; succinct is good. Long and rambling is not.
  8. Make sure your subject line is accurate. If the subject of discussion veers off into other directions, take a couple of seconds to change the subject.
  9. Replying to a message sends the message to everyone in the listserv. To reply to a specific person, please be sure to change the address before replying.
  10. When replying publicly to a previous posting on the list, copy just enough of the original posting to put your reply into context and minimize the amount of text. Keep it brief and clear.
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