Faculty Orientation

Pratt Institute holds orientation for new faculty each fall and spring semester. Programming is devoted to discussions about how Pratt supports its faculty and its students, with sessions on:

  • Supporting faculty in their teaching, with a focus on resources available and a workshop session on helping ALL students achieve the goals we set for them;
  • Supporting student success, with a focus on the holistic support available to students in the form of academic and Student Life resources, the policies and processes that guide the work we all do, and the kinds of challenges that tend to come up in any given semester;
  • Supporting faculty in their creative work / research, with time to engage with Pratt’s Associate Provost for Research and Strategic Partnerships.
  • Learning about Pratt’s system of shared governance and how you can participate in it.

More details and RSVP are available.

In addition, the Senate has compiled a list of resources for members of the Pratt community.