Regular elections for senators and officers take place every three years and are conducted according to Senate Bylaws and Standing Rules. Senate constituents—faculty; chairs, assistant chairs, and academic coordinators; and staff who hold faculty titles or teach credit-bearing courses—are eligible to participate in their respective categories. Your participation in elections helps build a strong, inclusive, and representative Senate. Please contact the Senate (senate@pratt.edu) with questions.

The Academic Senate also elects members of Senate and Institute committees and nominates candidates for honorary degrees, faculty trustees, and Board committees. For details on these positions, see Nominations.

Nominations & Elections for Senate, 2022–2025

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  • The Academic Senate represents three groups at Pratt
    • faculty (full-time and part-time); 
    • chairs, assistant chairs, and equivalent academic-administrative titles; and 
    • staff who hold faculty rank or teach credit-bearing courses
  • The Senate’s main responsibilities include 
    • academic policy review, 
    • curriculum review, 
    • academic services, 
    • funding opportunities, and 
    • nominations and elections for Board and Institute committees, as well as 
    • nominating Pratt’s annual Distinguished Teacher.
  • You can either be a senator representing your department, or a senator representing entire Pratt Institute groups, called at-large senators. Below is a brief explanation, and more details are available in the Bylaws on the Senate website http://prattsenate.org/bylaws/ 
    • Constituents have representation through departmental senators AND at-large senators for their category (full-time faculty, part-time faculty, chairs category, staff who teach). Large departments have one additional departmental senator (large = 84, more than half of the largest dept) — see below for detailed figures
  • Elections for senators are held every three years (for three-year terms).
  • It is the duty of senators to discover and further the interests of their constituents, including
    • soliciting opinions of their constituents on matters affecting education and governance; 
    • informing constituents of significant events, dates, and deadlines announced by the Senate, and of its actions; 
    • attending Senate meetings at which they have a vote or, if unable to attend, request that their alternate(s) attend; and 
    • serving routinely on Senate committees.
  • Each senator has one alternate, who may be called upon to attend and vote in the absence of their senator
  • The Senate meets once per month in the fall and spring semesters on Tuesdays from 12:30–2pm. Meetings have been online during the pandemic; prior to that, they took place on the Brooklyn campus and lunch was served.
  • An orientation session for new and returning senators will be held on April 5 at 12:30pm.
  • Officers will be elected at the April 26, 1pm meeting of the Senate-elect (newly elected senators)
  • Nominations: Oct 1 – Dec 20 (announcement will come in mid-October) nominate at http://prattsenate.org/nominations
  • Elections: Feb 14 – Mar 25 using Election Runner
  • More info? http://prattsenate.org/elections/ 
  • Questions? Contact senate@pratt.edu
  • Want more – sign up for the Senate monthly newsletter http://prattsenate.org/newsletter/ 

Senate Seats, 2022–23 — 2024–25 Term

The following totals reflect the number of instructors in each department during the Fall 2021 nominations term. Each department is entitled to one seat, and each department with 84 or more faculty (more than half of the largest department), is allowed one additional senator.

Department Instructors Senators
Art and Design Education 18 1
Associate Degree Programs 38 1
Construction/Facilities Management 31 1
Continuing and Professional Studies* 6 1
Creative Arts Therapy 47 1
Dean of School of Design 5 1
Creative Enterprise Leadership 35 1
Digital Arts 54 1
Fashion Design 32 1
Film/Video 33 1
Fine Arts 97 2
Foundation 92 2
Graduate Architecture & Urban Design 90 2
Grad Center for Planning 63 1
Graduate Communications Design 52 1
History of Art and Design 51 1
Humanities and Media Studies 87 2
Industrial Design 64 1
Information 60 1
Intensive English Program 22 1
Interior Design 98 2
Math and Science 28 1
Photography 45 1
Social Science and Cultural Stud 63 1
Undergraduate Architecture 167 2
Undergraduate Communications Design 80 1
Writing Department 36 1

*only includes instructors teaching credit-bearing courses

At-Large Category Senators
Full-Time Faculty 5
Part-Time Faculty 5
Chairs Category 5
Staff Who Teach 1
Senate President 1

Election Results

At-Large Senators

Full-Time Faculty

This category has up to 5 senators and 5 alternates.

Erika Hinrichs
Debera Johnson
Juan Jofre Lora
Erica Morawski
Uzma Rizvi
Jonathan A. Scelsa (alternate)

Part-Time Faculty

This category has up to 5 senators and 5 alternates.

Heather Horton
Scott Santoro
Maria Sieira

Chairs Category

This category has up to 5 senators and 5 alternates and includes chairs, associate/assistant chairs, and academic coordinators.

Amy Ballmer
Farzam Yazdanseta

Staff Who Teach

This category has up to 1 senator and 1 alternate.

Carolyn Shafer

Departmental Senators

Art & Design Education

Katherine Huala

Creative Enterprise Leadership

Chris Shrum

Associate Degree Programs

Deborah Caponera

Construction/Facilities Management

No candidates; see Vacancies

Continuing & Professional Studies

Rhonda Schaller
Joelle Danant (alternate)

Creative Arts Therapy

Ted Ehrhardt

Digital Arts

Michael Enright


Gabriela Galvan

Film & Video

Jim Finn

Fine Arts

This large department has up to 2 senators. No candidates; see Vacancies


This large department has up to 2 senators.
Todd Ayoung
Sean Sullivan
Andrea Merkx (alternate)

Graduate Architecture & Urban Design

This large department has up to 2 senators.

Olivia Vien

Grad Center for Planning

Beth Bingham

Graduate Communications & Package Design

Ballots were distributed to all faculty and teaching staff in Grad ComD; voting closed on March 25, 2022.

Joseph Burwell
Anton Ginzburg (alternate)

History of Art & Design

William Bracken
Mary Edwards (alternate)

Humanities & Media Studies

This large department has up to 2 senators.

Saul Anton
Dominica Giglio

Industrial Design

Ignacio Urbina Polo


Nancy Smith

Interior Design

This large department has up to 2 senators.

Caleb Crawford
Alexandra Goldberg


Missy Brown

Math & Science

Charles Rubenstein
Dan Wright (alternate)


Sara Greenberger Rafferty
Stephen Hilger

Social Science & Cultural Studies

Kumru Toktamis
Martin Dege (alternate)

Undergraduate Architecture

This large department has up to 2 senators. Ballots were distributed to all faculty and teaching staff in UG Arch; voting closed on March 25, 2022.

Ane Gonzalez Lara
Jason Vigneri-Beane
Tulay Atak (alternate)

Undergraduate Communications Design

Sebastian Kaupert


Pareesa Pourian

Vacancies will be filled through a nominations process in Fall 2024.


The Senate-Elect met on April 25, 2023 to select its leadership for the coming three-year term. The following officers will assume their roles on July 1, 2023.
  • President Uzma Rizvi (Associate Professor, Social Science & Cultural Studies)
  • Financial Officer MJ Sieira (Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate Architecture & Urban Design)
  • Information Officer Sebastian Kaupert (Adjunct Associate Professor, UG Communication Design)
  • Outreach Officer Jason Vigneri-Beane (Professor, Undergraduate Architecture)
  • Parliamentarian Amy Ballmer (Chair of Library Teaching, Learning, and Collection Development; Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Information)

Past Elections