“For 131 years, Pratt Institute has fostered many influential artists due to its good environment and excellent professors. The medal symbolizes the historic campus and students through the grid and the geometric shape. Pratt’s mission is placed on the perimetric edge of the medal.”

Designed by Mansoo Han

Masters of Architecture 2019

Awarded to Damon Chaky

3D model

[canvasio3D width=”600″ height=”600″ border=”1″ borderCol=”#F6F6F6″ dropShadow=”0″ backCol=”#FFFFFF” backImg=”…” mouse=”on” rollMode=”off” rollSpeedH=”0″ rollSpeedV=”0″ objPath=”DTA 2018_5-15-18 2” objScale=”0.9″ objColor=”#CCBA7C” lightSet=”5″ reflection=”off” refVal=”5″ objShadow=”on” floor=”off” floorHeight=”42″ lightRotate=”off” vector=”off” mousewheel=”on” Help=”off”] [/canvasio3D]