Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of Senate officers, committee chairs, and other delegates elected by the Senate, as well as one non-voting member selected by the Provost in consultation with the Senate President. Delegates need not be senators to be elected.

Members, 2021–22

  • Chris Sula, President, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
  • Audrey Schultz, Finance Officer, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, Construction/Facilities Management, School of Architecture)
  • Monica Maceli, Information Officer, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
  • Uzma Rizvi, Outreach Officer, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, Social Science & Cultural Studies, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Sean Sullivan, Academic Policy Committee Chair, ex-officio (Part-Time Faculty, Foundation Art & Design)
  • Damon Chaky, Institute Curriculum Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, Math & Science, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Dean Sidaway, Distinguished Teacher Award Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, Fashion Design, School of Design)
  • Irene Lopatovska, Faculty Development Fund Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
  • Carlos Motta, Research Recognition Award Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, Fine Arts, School of Art)
  • Robert Brackett III (Part-Time Faculty, Undergraduate Architecture, School of Architecture)
  • Sebastian Kaupert (Part-Time Faculty, Undergraduate Communications Design, School of Design)
  • Christopher Lee (Full-Time Faculty, Undergraduate Communications Design, School of Design)
  • Farzam Yazdanseta (Assistant Chairperson, Undergraduate Architecture, School of Architecture)
  • Russ Abell, Director of Libraries (non-voting)

Officers serve three year terms, and other committee members serve one year terms, renewable without limit.


The Steering Committee

  • a. makes interim decisions for the Senate, such actions being consistent with previous Senate actions and being subject to review and, if so desired, approval at subsequent Senate meetings;
  • b. hears the reports of all Senate committees and take actions in accordance with the purposes of the Senate;
  • c. reviews the structure and operation of the Senate and making recommendations to the Senate regarding these issues;
  • d. convenes and prepares agenda for Senate meetings;
  • e. recommends an annual budget to the Senate in consultation with the appropriate committees and based on the budget proposal submitted by the Financial Officer;
  • f. conducts nominations, elections, and other votes with constituents; and
  • g. establishes whatever special committees are deemed necessary to discharge its responsibilities.

Officers and committee chairs, as well as part-time faculty serving as Steering Committee delegates, receive compensation according to the Senate Compensation Policy.


The Steering Committee meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters.

All meetings are cancelled due to campus closure. See for more information.

For the full Senate schedule, see Meetings.

Nominations & Elections

Elections for committee chairs and delegates are held each spring semester. Officers are elected every three years. See Nominations for details on deadlines and procedures.