Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of Senate officers, committee chairs, and other delegates elected by the Senate, as well as one non-voting member selected by the Provost in consultation with the Senate President. Delegates need not be senators to be elected.


Members, 2023–24

    • Uzma Z. Rizvi, President, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, Social Science & Cultural Studies)
    • MJ Sieira, Finance Officer, ex-officio (Acting Associate Chairperson, Undergraduate Architecture, School of Architecture)
    • Sebastian Kaupert, Information Officer, ex-officio (Part-Time Faculty, School of Design)
    • Jason Vigneri-Beane, Outreach Officer, ex-officio (Associate Professor, Undergraduate Architecture)
    • Amy Ballmer, Parliamentarian, ex-officio (Chair of Library Teaching, Library)
    • Amit Kalra, Institute Curriculum Committee Chair (Interim), ex-officio (Part-time Faculty, School of Design)
    • Nida Abdullah, Academic Policy Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-time Faculty, School of Design)
    • Dean Sidaway, Distinguished Teacher Award Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, Fashion Design, School of Design)
    • Irene Lopatovska, Faculty Development Fund Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
    • Brendan Moran, Academic Service Award Chair, ex-officio (Part-Time Faculty, School of Design)
    • Martin Dege, Institute Assessment Committee Chair, ex-officio (Associate Professor, Social Science & Cultural Studies, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
    • David Erdman, Artificial Intelligence Committee Chair (Associate Professor, Grad. Architecture and Urban Design, School of Architecture)
    • Erika Hinrichs, Student Success Senate Committee Chair (Associate Professor, UG Architecture, School of Architecture)
    • Jeffrey Hogrefe, Research Recognition Award Committee Chair, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Liberal Arts)
    • Damon Chaky, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Liberal Arts)
    • Chad Smith, ex-officio (Part-Time Faculty, School of Architecture)
    • Michael Enright, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Art)
    • Xinyi Li, ex-officio (Full-Time Faculty, School of Design)
    • Russ Abell, Director of Libraries (non-voting)

Officers serve three-year terms, and other committee members serve one-year terms, renewable without limit.


The Steering Committee

  • a. makes interim decisions for the Senate, such actions being consistent with previous Senate actions and being subject to review and, if so desired, approval at subsequent Senate meetings;
  • b. hears the reports of all Senate committees and take actions in accordance with the purposes of the Senate;
  • c. reviews the structure and operation of the Senate and making recommendations to the Senate regarding these issues;
  • d. convenes and prepares agenda for Senate meetings;
  • e. recommends an annual budget to the Senate in consultation with the appropriate committees and based on the budget proposal submitted by the Financial Officer;
  • f. conducts nominations, elections, and other votes with constituents; and
  • g. establishes whatever special committees are deemed necessary to discharge its responsibilities.

Officers and committee chairs, as well as part-time faculty serving as Steering Committee delegates, receive compensation according to the Senate Compensation Policy.


The Steering Committee meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters.

  • Mar 5, 2024, 12:30 pm - Zoom

  • Apr 9, 2024, 12:30 pm - Zoom

For the full Senate schedule, see Meetings.

Nominations & Elections

Elections for committee chairs and delegates are held each spring semester. Officers are elected every three years. See Nominations for details on deadlines and procedures.