Institute Committees

The Academic Senate elects faculty and chair members of Institute committees (Bylaw II). Recent election results are listed below. The Senate routinely invites reports from these representatives at regular Senate meetings.

Committee MembersMost Recent Election
Academic Integrity Standing Committee

  • Kathryn Cullen-DuPont - on Sabbatical (Humanities & Media Studies)
  • Diane Cohen, Acting Chair (Humanities & Media Studies)
  • Audrey Schultz (Construction/Facilities Management)
  • Rhonda Schaller (Continuing & Professional Studies)
  • Eve Leonard (Digital Arts)
  • Gabriela Galván (Fashion)
  • Harry Nadal (Film/Video)
  • Ross Knight (Fine Arts)
  • Monica Maceli (Information)
  • Olivia Knott (Interior Design)
  • Cheryl Costello (Library)
  • Chris Jensen (Math & Science)
  • Jason Lee (Undergraduate Architecture)
  • Sebastian Kaupert (UG Communications Design)
  • Sean Cleary (Writing and Tutorial Center)
  • Gabriel Cohen (Writing)
  • Carol Diamond (Foundation)
  • Josiah Brownell (Social Science & Cultural Studies)
  • Zach Slanger (Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • Swati Piparsania (Industrial Design)
  • Mariel Collard (Graduate Architecture and Urban Planning)
  • TBD (Graduate Center for Planning and Development)
  • TBD (Graduate Communications/Package Design)
  • Alison Gigl-George (Creative Arts Therapy)
  • TBD (Design Management)
  • TBD (Arts and Cultural Management)
  • Deborah Caponera (Associate Degree Program)
  • TBD (Photography)
  • Erica Morawski (History of Art & Design)
  • Kelly Oh (Art & Design Education)

April 24, 2018; Sept 18, 2018; April 23, 2019 Senate meetings; April 20, 2020 (uncontested seats), October 2023
Advisory Committee on Campus Safety
In compliance with requirements of Article 129-A of NYS Education Law §6431, this committee regularly reviews security and safety procedures, as well as emergency response plans, with the goal of minimizing the risks and consequences of violence in the Pratt community

  • Maria Sieira
  • Kumru Toktamis
October 17, 2023 Senate meeting
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CouncilNominations: Mar-Apr 2024

Elections: Apr 2024
Middle States Accreditation
Subcommittees (2022-24)

  • Standard I - Mission and Goals: The institution’s mission defines its purpose within the context of higher education, the students it serves, and what it intends to accomplish. The institution’s stated goals are clearly linked to its mission and specify how the institution fulfills its mission.
  • Standard II - Ethics and Integrity: Ethics and integrity are central, indispensable, and defining hallmarks of effective higher education institutions. in all activities, whether internal or external, an institution must be faithful to its mission, honor its contracts and commitments, adhere to its policies, and represent itself truthfully.
  • Standard III - Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience: An institution provides students with learning experiences that are characterized by rigor and coherence at all program, certificate, and degree levels, regardless of instructional modality. All learning experiences, regardless of modality, program pace/schedule, level, and setting are consistent with higher education expectations.
  • Standard IV - Support of the Student Experience: Across all educational experiences, settings, levels, and instructional modalities, the institution recruits and admits students whose interests, abilities, experiences, and goals are congruent with its mission and educational offerings. The institution commits to student retention, persistence, completion, and success through a coherent and effective support system sustained by qualified professionals, which enhances the quality of the learning environment, contributes to the educational experience, and fosters student success.
  • Standard V - Educational Effectiveness Assessment: Assessment of student learning and achievement demonstrates that the institution’s students have accomplished educational goals consistent with their program of study, degree level, the institution’s mission, and appropriate expectations for institutions of higher education.
  • Standard VI - Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement: The institution’s planning processes, resources, and structures are aligned with each other and are sufficient to fulfill its mission and goals, to continuously assess and improve its programs and services, and to respond effectively to opportunities and challenges.
  • Standard VII - Governance, Leadership, and Administration - The institution is governed and administered in a manner that allows it to realize its stated mission and goals in a way that effectively benefits the institution, its students, and the other constituencies it serves. Even when supported by or affiliated with governmental, corporate, religious, educational system, or other unaccredited organizations, the institution has education as its primary purpose, and it operates as an academic institution with appropriate autonomy.
For a list of subcommittee members please follow the link on the left.Oct 19, 2021 Senate Meeting

Nominations for these positions are solicited from relevant constituent groups as need arises. Calls for nominations are announced to constituents three business days in advance and remain open for a period of at least two weeks. See Nominations for details on open positions, deadlines, and procedures.

Search Committees

The Academic Senate nominates faculty and chair members of search committees for deans, vice-presidents, the provost, and the president, in addition to assisting with the formulation of the structure and procedures of those search committees and interviewing finalists for those positions.

Recent SearchesCommittee Members (nominated by Senate)Semester
Vice President for Institutional AdvancementChairs Category (2 seats)

  • Gaia Hwang
  • Farzam Yazdanseta

Faculty Category (2 seats)

  • Sacha Frey
  • Steven Pestana

Fall 2023

Nominations for these positions are solicited from relevant constituent groups as searches arise. Calls for nominations are announced to constituents three business days in advance and typically remain open for a period of at least two weeks. See Nominations for details on open positions, deadlines, and procedures.