Faculty Development Fund (FDF) Committee

The Faculty Development Fund (FDF) provides financial support for the development and advancement of Senate constituents. The FDF Committee reviews grant applications and makes recommendations to the Provost, who determines final awards.

Additional information, including the current application form and deadlines, is available through the Office of the Provost.



The Faculty Development Fund Committee consists of 6–9 voting members, a majority of them faculty: the chair of the committee, who is elected by the Senate from among faculty constituents; and at least five Senate constituents each drawn from different schools, as well as the Library and, jointly, those departments not associated with a school, who shall not apply for a grant during their term of service. Committee members need not be senators to be elected.

  • Sarah van Ouwerkerk, Chair (Professor, Photography, School of Art)
  • Members to be nominated and elected in Fall 2020.

The committee chair is elected each spring for the upcoming academic year, and committee members are elected each fall. See Nominations for details on deadlines and procedures.

Senate officers are non-voting ex-officio members of every Senate committee unless otherwise elected, appointed, or specified.


The Faculty Development Fund Committee

  • reviews all complete applications submitted to the Office of the Provost;
  • recommends for or against the funding of proposals, including recommending partial funding or revisions to budgets, to the Provost and reporting those recommendations to the Senate; and
  • recommends changes to criteria and procedures governing the Faculty Development Fund, in consultation with the Provost.

The FDF Committee Chair, as well as part-time faculty serving on the committee, receive compensation according to the Senate Compensation Policy and Senate Standing Rules.

Nominations & Elections

The DTA committee chair and members are nominated from and by constituents and elected by the Senate each year. See Nominations for details on deadlines and procedures.

FDF Committee Reports & FDF Recipients

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Faculty Development Fund Committee 2016-17

  • Sarah van Ouwerkerk, Chair (Full-Time Faculty, Photography, School of Art)
  • Lisa Crafts (Part-Time Faculty, Film & Video, School of Art)
  • Irene Lopatovska (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
  • Mark Rosin (Full-Time Faculty, Math & Science, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Scott Santoro (Part-Time Faculty, Undergraduate Communication Design, School of Design)
  • Richard Sarrach (Part-Time Faculty, Undergraduate Architecture, School of Architecture)
  • Holly Wilson (Library)

Faculty Development Fund (FDF) 2015

In Fall 2014, the Senate constituted the 2014-2015 Faculty Development FundCommittee, which began work in December 2014. Sarah vanOuwerkerk (Photography) was elected committee chair. The committee received a total of 43 applications for individual and collaborative grants. The committee recommended awards to 30 applications, which included proposals for conferences, individual art projects, sustainability, films, and in-depth research around the world. Over $155,000 was requested for the $65,000 available in joint and individual grants. Download the complete list of grant recipients and projects here: http://bit.ly/FDF-Recipients-2015

In addition to reviewing grant proposals, the committee continued its work in clarifying rules and procedures and streamlining documentation. The committee proposes creating an online archive where grantees’ reports on their projects could be viewed, which might assist future applicants in writing proposals.
Committee members are:
Sarah van Ouwerkerk, Chair (Professor, Photography)
Scott Santoro (Adjunct Professor, CCE Com D)
Lisa Crafts (Adjunct Assoc. Professor, Film/Video)
Aman Gill (Adjunct Asst. Professor, SLAS)
Holly Wilson (Assoc. Professor, Library)
Richard Sarrach (Adjunct Assoc. Professor, CCE Architecture)
Monica Maceli (Asst. Professor, SI)

Faculty Development Fund (FDF) 2014

The FDF committee received 42 applications, including 8 for collaborative grants. The committee recommended awards to 33 applications, which included proposals for conferences, individual art projects, sustainability, films, and in-depth research around the world. Over $135,000 was requested for the $65,000 available in joint and individual grants.
FDF Committee 2014-2015
Sarah van Ouwerkerk, FDF Chair
Aman Gill, FT SLAS
Irene Lopatskova, FT SILS
Richard Sarrach, PT ARCH
Scott Santoro, PT DES
Lisa Crafts, PT ART
Bill McMillin, FT LIB