Executive Committee



Uzma Z. Rizvi

Associate Professor
Social Science & Cultural Studies

Sebastian Kaupert

Information Officer
Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Design


Jason Vigneri-Beane

Outreach Officer
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Architecture

Amy Ballmer

Chair of Library Faculty, Pratt Institute Libraries
Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Information


The Executive Committee

  • a. makes interim decisions for the Senate when timely action is required, such emergency actions being consistent with previous Senate actions and being subject to review and, if so desired by any member of the Senate, approval at subsequent Senate meetings;
  • b. represents the Senate and its constituents to the administration and other bodies, such representation being consistent with previous Senate actions;
  • c. reports to the Senate relevant activities of the Board of Trustees, Senior Staff, Institute committees, and all other entities that affect its constituents;
  • d. drafts and reviews actions, minutes, resolutions, reports, and other documents in coordination with relevant parties;
  • e. chairs Senate and Steering Committee meetings on a rotating basis, with no one person acting as chair for more than two consecutive meetings, unless agreeable to a majority of those present;
  • f. takes minutes at Senate and Executive and Steering Committee meetings on a rotating basis;
  • g. consults and seeks the advice of the Senate on the Steering Committee members’ duties;
  • h. substitutes for the President, upon request of the President and in an order established by simple majority vote of the Senate; and
  • i. establishes whatever special committees are deemed necessary to discharge its responsibilities.

Officers serve three year terms and are compensated according to the Senate Compensation Policy.


The Executive Committee meets at least once during the fall and spring semesters. For the full schedule, see Meetings.

Nominations & Elections

Elections for officers are held every three years by the incoming senators. See Bylaw IV.B for details on procedures.