Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee (Ad hoc)

The Committee on AI shall convene in order to gather, discuss, and present constituents’ concerns regarding AI. The special committee will focus on the impact of AI to pedagogy and academic integrity.

Members, 2023–24

The Committee on AI shall consist of no more than five voting members. Voting members shall be elected Senate constituents, with at least one member from each school. A majority of the voting members shall be faculty.

The Committee on AI shall be chaired by a faculty member elected by the committee. The chair shall be confirmed by the Senate by simple majority vote at the next meeting of the Senate.

  • David Erdman, Committee Chair (Associate Professor, Grad. Architecture and Urban Design, School of Architecture)
  • Sacha Frey (Adjunct Assistant Professor – CCE, Humanities and Media Studies, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Armanda Lewis (Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Information)
  • Tim O’Brian (Adjunct Professor, UG Communication Design, School of Design)
  • Holly Adams (Visiting Instructor, Humanities and Media Studies, Educational Technologist, Center for Teaching and Learning)