Academic Service Award (ASA) Committee

In recognition of the important role of service among Senate constituents, the Academic Service Award is presented annually to a faculty, chair, assistant chair, or staff member who demonstrates cumulative and ongoing contributions to service (broadly defined). The recipient addresses graduates at Awards Convocation each spring.

Members, 2023–24

The Academic Service Award Committee consists of 5–9 voting members, a majority of them faculty: the chair of the committee, who is elected by the Senate from among faculty constituents; and at least four Senate constituents drawn from different schools, as well as the Library and, jointly, those departments not associated with a school, who shall be ineligible for the award their term of service. Committee members need not be senators to be elected.

  • Brendan Moran, Chair (Visiting Associate Professor, Interior Design, School of Design)
  • Sophia Sobers (Adjunct Instructor, Digital Arts, School of Art)
  • Steven Pestana (Adjunct Instructor, Digital Arts, School of Art)
  • Matthew Garklavs (Electronic Resources Librarian, Library)
  • Michael Zimmerman (Visiting Assistant Professor, Grad. Architecture, School of Architecture)
  • Alison Snyder (Professor, Interior Design, School of Design)

The committee chair is elected each spring for the upcoming academic year, and committee members are elected each fall. See Nominations for details on deadlines and procedures.

Senate officers are non-voting ex-officio members of every Senate committee unless otherwise elected, appointed, or specified.


The Academic Service Award Committee:

  • develops the criteria and eligibility for the award (for review by the Senate),
  • conducts and reviews nominations for the award (time permitting) and 
  • recommends to the Senate a candidate for the first award (time permitting).

The committee chair, as well as part-time faculty serving on the committee, receives compensation according to the Senate Compensation Policy and Standing Rules.

Nominate Chair


ASA Selection Process

(Approved by the Senate on February 8, 2022)

Established in 2022, the Academic Service Award (ASA) is presented annually in recognition of a faculty, chair, assistant chair, or teaching staff member who demonstrates cumulative and ongoing contributions to service outside of the classroom. This can include service to the School, Department, the Institute, and the community. The ASA Committee reviews nominations made by the Pratt community and recommends candidate(s) to the Senate, which grants the award. The recipient addresses graduates at Awards Convocation each spring.


There will be one recipient of the award, whether an individual or a team. The Committee reserves the right to not give an award in any given year if no nominees meet the criteria. Details on award amount are available in the Senate Compensation Policy.

Criteria for the Award

The following suggested criteria for determining distinction in academic service should be used as a guideline, not as a list of requirements. Special consideration will be given to candidates that demonstrate a combination of the following:

  1. Enduring service
    Evidence of dedicated, continued commitment to institutional service (curriculum committees, search committees, Senate committees, student advisement, attendance at Institute functions, etc.)
  2. Breadth of service
    Demonstrated service to the Department, School, the Institute, the community, or service to one’s field.
  3. Advancement of Institute priorities
    Benefit to the Pratt community as an engaged advocate, ally, colleague, and impact on the Institute mission and strategic goals. Emphasis placed on service activities that have advanced DEI efforts and student success.

For more information about Pratt Institute’s strategic priorities, please see the Pratt Strategic Plan.

Eligibility for Nomination

  • Pratt faculty (PT/FT), chairs, assistant chairs, and staff with at least 6 semesters (consecutive or nonconsecutive) at Pratt are eligible for nomination.
  • Nominations of members from groups historically underrepresented in their disciplines and/or at Pratt are encouraged, including women, LGBTQI+, and BIPOC academics.
  • Nominees must be members of the Pratt community through the time the award is made at awards convocation in the Spring. Awards may be given posthumously under exceptional circumstances.
  • Groups are eligible for consideration, provided that the lead or a majority of the group meets the eligibility criteria above. If selected to receive the award, the team shall divide the prize.
  • Eligible individuals on sabbatical may be nominated.
  • The President of the Academic Senate is not eligible. Members of the Academic Service Award Committee are not eligible.
  • Previous recipients of the award are eligible again after five years.

Nomination Process

Pratt faculty, chairs, assistant chairs, and staff who teach are eligible to nominate for the award, self-nominations are also accepted. 

  1. The nominator must submit a nomination form (see link below) with the nominee’s name and Pratt email address, the nominator’s name and Pratt email address, and a statement of nomination (50–500 words).
  2. The nominee will be notified of the nomination, and may either accept or reject the nomination. If the nominee accepts, they become a candidate.
  3. The candidate must submit an up-to-date CV highlighting any relevant accomplishments and a brief statement (<500 words) which discusses how the candidate’s service record addresses one or more of the award criteria (enduring service, breadth of service, or advancement of institute priorities). In addition, they may choose to also submit other materials they deem relevant (for example, summaries, photos, videos, and other documentation of process or outcomes of service work), but this is not required. 
  4. Nominees are put forward to the Senate with consensus from ASA Committee.