The Senate budget is prepared by the Financial Officer each spring in consultation with the Steering Committee, which includes all standing committee chairs. The proposed budget is presented to the Senate for approval before being requested from the Office of the Provost.

Stipends (Personnel Services)

 FY 2019–20FY 2020–21FY 2021–22FY 2022–23FY 2023–24
Officers and committee members (see Compensation Policy below)$85,284$85,879$92,800$92,614$101,852
Distinguished Teacher Award$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600
Research Recognition Award$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600$3,600
Academic Service Award$3,600$3,600
Federal Work Study$5,000$5,000$1,500$5,000$5,010
Student Help$5,000$1,000$1,005
TOTAL STIPENDS BUDGET$102,484$98,079 $101,500$109,414$118,667

Expenses (OTPS) – 2022-23 AY/FY onward

 FY 2022–23FY 2023–24
Office Supplies$350$600
Xerox & Duplication Expenses$700$700
Web/Internet Services$750$750
Electronic Information Resources$2,500$2,500
Events & Entertainment$9,000$9,000
Workshop & Seminars$0$3,800
Visiting Lecturers$0$5,000
Consultant Fees$1,250$1,250
Commencement Expenses$2,000$2,000
Miscellaneous Expenses$1,000$1,000
TOTAL OTPS BUDGET$27,850$37,825

Expenses (OTPS) – through 2021-22 AY/FY

 FY 2019–20FY 2020–21FY 2021–22
Senate Meetings$4,500$4,500$0*
Committee Meetings$5,000$4,000$0*
Senate Happy Hour$2,500$2,500$0*
Office Supplies$900$900$450
Computers & Equipment$2,000$1,000$3,615
DTA Medal Design & Production$1,500$1,550$1,500
Advertising & Communications$200$500$360
Website & Internet Fees$300$2,250$300
Subscriptions (AAUP)$1,200$1,200$1,080
Academic Initiatives Fund$12,000$11,000$12,000
Consulting Fees$750$3,000$1,500
TOTAL OTPS BUDGET$25,600$25,600$21,225
* All meetings and events have taken place online since March 2020.

Senate Compensation Policy

Approved by the Provost and Senate on April 12, 2016 and the Board of Trustees on May 11, 2016. See also previous Compensation Policy.

The Senate Compensation Policy provides for compensation to qualified Senate constituents for their service on the Senate. Compensation may be in the form of release time and/or stipends. Qualified recipients are officers of the Senate Executive Committee, non ex-officio members of the Senate Steering Committee, chairs of Senate committees, and part-time faculty serving on Senate committees. Alternate members will not be compensated. These constituents, including non-Senators, may opt for teaching release during regular fall and spring semesters, in lieu of a stipend, in part or in whole. Stipends shall be based on percentages of the minimum starting salary in effect for full-time faculty of professor rank as defined in the CBA. Release time and/or stipend shall not exceed the percentage (or appropriate prorated portion for partial terms served) specified for each of the following positions:

Senate Officers

President – 24% per year or $14,976
Financial Officer – 10% per year or $6,241
Information Officer – 10% per year or $6,241
Outreach Officer – 10% per year or $6,241

Senate Committees

Academic Policy Committee Chair – 8% per year or $4,956
Academic Policy Committee Member – 4% per year or $2,478

Institute Curriculum Committee Chair – 10% per year or $6,241
Institute Curriculum Committee Member – 5% per year or $3,121

Steering Committee Senate Delegate – 2% per year or $1,248

All other Senate committees and Senate positions as specified in Standing Rules of the Senate:

Distinguished Teacher Award Chair — 6% per year ($3,717)
Distinguished Teacher Award Committee Member — 1% ($620)

Faculty Development Committee Chair — 6% per year ($3,717)
Faculty Development Fund Committee Member — 2% ($1,239)

Research Recognition Award Chair — 6% per year ($3,717)
Research Recognition Award Committee Member — 1% ($620)

Special (Ad-Hoc) Committee Chair — 4% per year ($2,478), or 2% for one half year ($1,239)
Special (Ad-Hoc) Committee Member — 1% per year ($620), or 0.5% for one half year ($310)

Faculty Awards

An annual honorarium shall be provided for the following designation:

Distinguished Teacher Award recipient – 6% per year or $3,600
Research Recognition Award recipient – 6% per year or $3,600
Academic Service Award recipient – 6% per year or $3,600

Release Time

Full-time faculty elected to these positions shall have the option of requesting teaching release from the Provost—in consultation with the faculty’s program head and dean—in lieu of receiving a stipend, in part or in whole. The Senate shall transfer to the Office of the Provost, the stipend amount for that Senate position proportional to the amount of release time requested and granted. An amount equivalent to the cost of replacing that individual’s teaching responsibilities during the release time shall be paid by the Office of the Provost.

Stipend Payment

Stipend payments shall be made annually in three (3) equal installments paid on the last payday before the end of each of the fall and spring semesters and on the last payday before June 30. Compensation for partial terms shall be adjusted on an annualized three hundred sixty-five (365) day prorated basis.

Persons holding more than one compensated position within the Academic Senate (with the exception of the Distinguished Teacher Award recipient) shall receive compensation for only the highest paid position.

Confirmation and Notice

By the eighth week of the fall and spring session and by June 15, each year, the Senate shall electronically transmit to the Office of the Provost, confirmed names elected to positions and their respective terms of office.

Deficits and Surplus in Stipends

In the event that Senate salaries encumbrances exceed Senate salaries budget, the Senate shall request relief with a written rationale to the Office of the Provost. To the extent possible, the Senate request shall be submitted before the eighth week of each regular semester. Any surplus balance in the Senate’s salaries budget as a result of unfilled positions and/or unspent monies shall be returned to the Institute’s general budget.