New curricular review policy in effect

Posted on August 30, 2021

The 2021–22 academic year begins with a new curricular review policy in effect, which outlines processes at the department, school, and Institute levels and provides guidelines for establishing the membership and duties of curriculum committees at each level. This policy was developed by the Office the Provost and reviewed by the Academic Senate and its Academic Policy Committee last year, with input from constituents.

Central to the policy is recognition of the shared responsibility between the faculty and the administration for curriculum development, implementation, and assessment. The policy seeks to foster a culture of transparency, cooperation, and collaboration in this work.

Each department and school is charged with creating curriculum committee guidelines and standards within the next three years, which adhere to the framework outlined in the policy. Deviations may be considered by department faculty and school curriculum committee members (respectively) and are reviewed by the Institute Curriculum Committee (ICC) and the Provost. An archive of these documents will be maintained by the Office of the Provost, and they will be reviewed by the ICC on a three-year rotation.

For further details on processes and forms, see