Welcome Pratt Faculty

Posted on August 20, 2015

The Academic Senate welcomes new and returning Pratt Faculty!

Pratt’s reputation as an outstanding institution of learning is generally credited to its faculty. Both Pratt students and outside evaluators cite faculty as Pratt’s key strength. As members of this select group of educators, we have reason to be proud.

Your Senate is elected to represent Pratt’s teachers in educational matters and governance. We invite your participation in the Senate’s work to insure that all voices are heard on these issues. An easy way to get started is through the website of the Academic Senate, http://prattsenate.org.

Our website is also a resource for you–a compendium of information designed for easy access both on- and off-campus. You can also connect to other members of the Pratt community by subscribing to the Academic Forum listserv and the Senate newsletter. Helpful pages on our website include:





In addition to its bi-weekly meetings, the Senate is hosting Faculty Week on the Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses. Faculty Week includes events to inform, celebrate and bring together the Pratt faculty community.

And if there are ways we can improve our resources and support, please let us know. We wish you a great start, and look forward to seeing you all throughout the year.


Your Representatives on the Academic Senate

Jenny Lee, President
Paul Dambowic, PT SLAS, Vice President
Chris Sula, FT SILS, Secretary & Webmaster
Jonathan Thayer, FTA&D, Treasurer