Report on Interim Elections

Posted on April 14, 2015

Under provisions in Senate bylaws, and in accordance with Senate procedures, Pratt Institute’s Academic Senate conducted interim elections for representatives to serve the remainder of the 2013-2016 term, which ends on June 30, 2016.

The Senate set up electronic forms for nominations. For secret ballot electronic elections, the Senate selected Helios Voting System that insures that votes are legitimate (from an eligible voter), cast only once, and secret. A submitted e-ballot cannot be associated with a specific voter.

Announcements and reminders about nominations and elections were sent via Pratt Commons, InsidePratt and the Pratt-Forum. An Interim Election page was posted on The Helios Voting System was set up for a mock election, with Student Government trustees and about 10 test voters. The Executive Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Planning provided an updated Spring 2015 constituent database on April 7.

In summary, interim elections were held for 11 vacant seats. There were 12 nominees. 9 nominees accepted and 3 declined, nominations. 7 seats filled, uncontested, with one alternate member, each, in two categories.

It was not necessary to conduct elections after nominations, as the number of candidates did not exceed the number of vacant seats. Elections were not needed in cases where the number of nominees is equal to, or is fewer than, the number of seats, or when candidates (in numbers exceeding the number of seats) ask to serve as alternate members. Two candidates (FT Arch and SLAS Chair) requested this.

Six (4 in FT SLAS and 2 in FT A&D) vacant seats are anticipated in Fall 2015.

The Senate roster follows.

Academic Senate Roster

Senator Members and Alternate Members, April 14, 2015


FT Faculty (2 seats)
1. Meredith TenHoor, FT ARCH
* Thomas Leeser, FT ARCH ELECT
* Cristobal Correa, FT ARCH ALT ELECT

Chair (1 seat each, UG and G)
2. John Shapiro, GR Chair ARCH
3. Erika Hinrichs, UG Chair ARCH
Jason Lee UG Chair ARCH ALT

PT Faculty (2 seats)
4. Richard Sarrach, PT ARCH
5. Eric Wong, PT ARCH
Jason Vigneri-Beane, PT ARCH ALT


Note: Current bylaws govern the Senate for the remainder of the 2013-2016 term. Bylaws provide for the schools of Art and Design as one category, which includes the department of History of Art & Design.

Chair (1 seat each, UG and G)
* Mary McBride, GR Chair ELECT
* Susan Young, UG Chair ELECT

FT Faculty (5 seats)
6. Leslie Roberts, FT A&D (on leave 2015/16)
7. Jonathan Thayer, FT A&D, Treasurer
8. Sarah vanOuwerkerk, FT A&D
9. Patrick Webb, FT A&D (resigning on July 1, 2015)
10. Douglas Wirls, FT A&D (on leave 2015/16)
11. Mark O’Grady, FT A&D (voting member 2015/16)

PT Faculty (5 seats)
12. Mary Edwards, PT A&D
13. Kathryn Filla, PT A&D
14. Sean Sullivan, PT A&D
* Jennifer Logun, PT A&D ELECT
* Tetsu Ohara, PT A&D ELECT
Cheryl Gross PT, A&D ALT (out of country)


FT Faculty (5 seats)
* Gerson Sparer, FT SLAS ELECT

Chair (1 seat each, UG and G)
* Gregg Horowitz, UG Chair ELECT
* Kathryn Cullen-Dupont, UG Chair ALT ELECT


FT Faculty (1 seat)
15. Chris Sula, FT SILS, Secretary


PT Faculty (1 seat)
16. Paul Dambowic, PT SLAS, Vice-President


FT Faculty (1 seat)
17. Cheryl Costello, FT LIB
Maggie Portis, FT LIB ALT


18. Jenny Lee, President
Paul Dambowic, Vice-President, PT SLAS
Chris Sula, Secretary, FT SILS
Jonathan Thayer, Treasurer, FT A&D


Total number of Senate members = 18 (+7-3=22)
Quorum @ 60% = 11 (14 in Fall 2015)


FT Faculty SLAS (4)
FT Faculty A&D (2)