Senate Review of “UG Curriculum Guidelines”

Posted on October 3, 2013

Senate Review of “UG Curriculum Guidelines” Proposed by the Provost

This is to announce and invite your participation in the Senate review of the Provost’s proposed UG Curriculum Guidelines, available at the Provost’s office.  The UG Curriculum Guidelines propose changes affecting all undergraduate programs in the School of Art and Design, and include revisions to curricula, credit-hour structure and class scheduling.  To facilitate its review process, the Senate offers a summary in this PDF.

The Senate’s review will focus on educational issues and broad, institute-level policy matters. The proposal additionally affects terms of faculty and staff employment, which is within the jurisdiction of the respective unions.

As the elected representative body in governance and academic matters, the Academic Senate solicits constituent comments on the UG Curriculum Guidelines, and considers all constituent feedback in putting together its official response to the Provost’s request for Senate comment. Senate comments are due to the Provost by November 15, 2013. Processes for constituent input on this document will include:

  • written comments on the Senate Comment website, which closes on Thursday, October 31
  • email to your representatives on the Senate
  • institute-wide open roundtables at Faculty Week (October 21-25) in the faculty lunchroom on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • meetings of the Senate and its committee on Academic Programs and Policies (APPC) (including invited guests, and open to all constituents). Please see meeting schedule, below.

Senate Review Criteria & Standards

The Senate review is based on criteria and standards set forth in Pratt Institute Policies. This resource page provides direct links, where available, to Pratt policies, guidelines and forms, accreditation standards and state and federal regulations.

Senate APPC Meetings

The APPC will conduct review of the UG Curriculum Guidelines on the following days:

Tuesday, October 8, from 12:30 to 2 pm in Steuben 215. All are welcome. The following invited guests confirmed attendance:

  • Provost Peter Barna, A&D Dean Leighton Pierce and SLAS Dean Andrew Barnes
  • VP of Enrollment Management Judy Aaron and Director of UG Admissions Bill Swan
  • Exec Director of Institutional Research & Strategic Planning Vladimir Briller

At the Provost’s request, the Senate prepared this list of questions for the Provost to address.

Thursday, October 17, from 12:30 to 2 pm in the Pie Shop.

Tuesday, October 22, from 12:30 to 2 pm in Steuben 215.

Tuesday, November 5, from 12:30 to 2 pm in Steuben 215.

Senate Meetings, Open Roundtables & Key Dates

  • institute-wide open roundtables at Faculty Week (October 21-25) in the faculty lunchroom on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • As detailed above, the APPC will meet on October 8, 22, and November 5 – all constituents welcome.
  • All-Institute Senate Report hosted by the Senate and President Schutte on Tuesday, October 29.
  • Followup all-Institute roundtable hosted by the Senate and President Schutte on the evening of  Wednesday, October 29.
  • On Tuesday, November 12, the Senate will conduct an open meeting to receive reports and recommendations from the APPC (from 12:30 to 2 pm in ISC 101-A).
  • The deadline for submission of faculty comments to the provost’s office is November 15, 2013.


All review meetings of the Senate and the APPC are open to its constituents. We provide lunch. For information about meetings and to RSVP, please contact:

For information about the Senate’s review process, contact Senate President Jenny Lee, 1-201-873-5853