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Support scholarship and academic activities through the Faculty Development Fund and Academic Initiatives Fund

Curriculum Review

Facilitate review of programs and required courses through the Institute Curriculum Committee


Host a community comment website for discussion of draft policies and other documents

Faculty Handbook

Maintain academic policies and procedures through the Faculty Handbook

Faculty Awards

Coordinate nominations and recommend faculty for the annual Distinguished Teacher Award and Research Recognition Award


Nominate faculty and chairs for Board positions and Institute committees

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The binding nature of early decision means that only students who can commit to a university before seeing their financial aid offer can take advantage of the policy.

This disproportionally harms students of color and low-income students.

1/ The @SUNY Faculty Senate recommends that the 64-campus system should cancel its #Elsevier journals if the next contract is not "deemed fair and reasonable by SUNY negotiators."

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About the Senate

The Academic Senate is a shared governance body representing faculty, chairs, and teaching staff at Pratt Institute. The Senate advises the Board of Trustees and administration, and its main responsibilities include academic policy review, curriculum review, funding opportunities, and nominations and elections for various positions, including nominating Pratt’s annual Distinguished Teacher and Research Recognition Award.

The Senate meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters to hear reports, vote on actions, and hold elections for open positions (see minutes). The Senate also convenes a Plenary meeting with the Institute President and Provost once each semester. Members of the Pratt community are welcome to attend Senate meetings.