2008 DTA Medal

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Floyd Hughes

Distinguished Teacher 2008–09

Floyd Hughes, adjunct associate professor, Communications Design, has taught at Pratt Institute since 1997. A professional artist and writer, who now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and children, Hughes was born in the East End of London to Guyanese parents and studied illustration, film, television, fine arts, music, and comics. Hughes teaches four courses at Pratt- Visual Communications, Sequential Art, Methods and Media, and Senior Project- while pursuing a successful freelance career.

“I could easily live in Los Angeles, working in the film, television, and animation industries there,” says Hughes, “but my affiliation with Pratt keeps me here. It’s a great school with great people. I’ve met and formed friendships with people whose work I admired from afar, and many of my students are doing extremely well. It’s a joy to see their names on children’s books, film credits, novels, and gallery windows.”

Students describe Hughes as “the proverbial spoon full of sugar to Pratt’s medicine” and as “an amazing and patient teacher- inspiring, approachable, motivational, and fun.”

Hughes has worked in comics for Marvel, D.C., and Image comics, illustrated books for several publishers, created art for AC/DC CD’s and music videos for Naughty by Nature, Outkast’s Andre 3000, and R. Kelly; and made designs for MTV’s Downtown, Celebrity Death Match, and VH1’s Divas 2000. He served as a storyboard artist and special effects technician for Hellraiser and Hellraiser II and as pre-production storyboard artist on the film Highlander.

More recently Hughes has worked for Mega Media records and Heavy Metal magazine, contributed designs for the revamped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, produced conceptual illustrations for Will Smith’s movie I Am Legend and designed the merchandise and store identity for the Forbidden Planet bookshop in Manhattan. The year 2008 saw the release of ‘85 his graphic novel adaptation of artist Danny Simmons’ 2003 novel Three Days As the Crow Flies. Currently, Hughes is at the final stage of transforming the screenplay “F-Train to the Bronx” into a graphic novel due out this summer.