Academic Policy Committee (APC)

The Academic Policy Committee (APC) facilitates the Senate’s responsibility for reviewing academic policies and procedures, making its recommendations to the Senate.


The Academic Policy Committee consists of 5–9 voting members elected by and from Senate constituents, as well as one non-voting member appointed by the Provost. A majority are faculty, at least two are chairs, and no more than five may be senators.

  • Sean SullivanChair (Part-Time Faculty, Foundation Art and Design)
  • Pierre Alexander De Looz (Part-Time Faculty, Humanities & Media Studies, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Kathryn Filla (Part-Time Faculty, Industrial Design, School of Design)
  • Jessica Hochman (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
  • Evan Neely (Chairs Category, History of Art and Design, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Jorge Oliver (Chairs Category, Film/Video, School of Art)
  • Stewart Parker (Full-Time Faculty, Associate Degree Programs, School of Art; School of Continuing and Professional Studies)
  • Meredith TenHoor (Full-Time Faculty, Undergraduate Architecture, School of Architecture)
  • Dan Wright (Full-Time Faculty, Mathematics and Science, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Donna Heiland, Acting Provost (non-voting, appointed by and from the Office of the Provost)

Senate officers are non-voting ex-officio members of every Senate committee unless otherwise elected, appointed, or specified.


The Academic Policy Committee

  • a. reviews and recommends for or against the adoption of proposals for new or revised academic policies and procedures, including recommending changes to those proposals and recommending for approval contingent on the completion of those changes;
  • b. maintains the Faculty Handbook or equivalent document(s) in coordination with the Office of the Provost;
  • c. examines the quality, content, and educational goals of academic policies and procedures;
  • d. recommends the development of new academic policies and procedures and assisting, as requested, in their formulation; and
  • e. consults with other committees and students, staff, and administrators as appropriate.

The APC Chair, as well as part-time faculty serving on the committee, receive compensation according to the Senate Compensation Policy.


The Academic Policy Committee meets at least once during the fall and spring semesters. For the full schedule, see Meetings.

Nominations & Elections

APC members are elected each spring by and from constituents. See Nominations for details on deadlines and procedures.

The incoming APC members elect a chair from among their faculty members (or another member by a two-thirds majority vote). This chair is confirmed by majority vote of the Senate no later than its September meeting.


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