– What we do –


Support for scholarship and academic activities through the Faculty Development Fund and Academic Initiatives Fund

Curriculum Review

Facilitate review of programs and required courses through the Institute Curriculum Committee


Host a community comment website for discussion of draft policies and other documents

Faculty Handbook

Maintain faculty policies and procedures through the Faculty Handbook

Distinguished Teacher Award

Coordinate student nominations and recommend faculty for the annual Distinguished Teacher Award


Nominate faculty and chairs for Board positions and Institute committees

"While there were significant gains during much of the 20th century, feminist progress in the academy has slowed and may have already come to a halt" https://t.co/X4CCa1Xsvu

"There is nothing better for teachers than to see their students grow greater than them. Job well done," says Daisuke Endo, this year's Distinguished Teacher Award winner. #PrattGrad19

Shame on Stanford for pleading poverty in these beleaguered times for most of higher education. [...] university publishing is a greater good that enhances the life of the scholars and students who make up academe.https://t.co/E0w7fMEL0U

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